the many roles of dog


When I first started getting unwell, I had this on-going fantasy of staying home from work and just hanging out with my dog all day.

Soon this was my reality.

My dog became a lot more than a pet.


without him it’s unlikely i’d ever do much exercise, but he’s super into fitness


let’s be honest, this has been the case ever since i got him

i have to direct my maternal energy somewhere


his hourly rate is super reasonable and he has far better bedside manner than my psychiatrist


he’s a morning person


he’s really into office gossip, especially if it’s about the sad, stiff lady who insists on treating him like a dog baby


you can tell this guy anything and he never breathes a word of it


the best kind of friend is one who can absorb your tears

What about you, do you rely on your pets to play abnormally large roles in your life?